Hours of Operation
* Open Monday - Friday

No Registration Fee!

Kells Kids is very flexible. I work with the families and their needs. I can;

*pick up from home and drive to school
*accommodate morning drop off at my home with before school care and then drive to school
*pick up in the afternoon for pre school and kinder programs
*provide transport to current day home or to home (Nanny at Home etc)
*provide afternoon kinder care in my home
*pick up after school and drive home
*pick up after school and provide after school care
*accommodate Friday half days (CBE)
*Full day care on PD days (as needed)

It all just depends on your needs. Please send me an email with your families specific needs/schedule and I can see if I can help.


Short Drive $7.50 (under 15 minutes)
Long Drive $10 (20 minutes and over)
Before Care $15 (includes transport and before school care, 1hr plus)
After Care $15 (includes transport and after school care, 1hr plus)
Half Day $30 (5 hours) includes transport
Full day $45 ( up to 10 hours) includes transport

Prices are per seat, per child.

I am often closed on PD days but can be open upon request. I do not like to take vacation during school season. I do so rather in the summer. I give plenty of notice. I like to take a few Fridays to camp and then a two week break during either July or August.

Kells Kids only policy is that I charge per seat/spot for every open agreed upon school day. So if you have requested a Monday to Friday spot in the van, and are sick or take vacation during an open school day, I still charge for that seat/spot. I do not charge on closed school days when the child is not in my care.

This helps families save during the holiday seasons.

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